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Wood Selection:  Here are examples of some of the most commonly used woods for guitars.  Many other woods are available upon request.



Alder is lighter in weight than most body

woods and is known for its warmth in tone and 

full sound. It is light tan in color with very faint

grain lines.  Alder in known for its reputation to

be the most balanced in tone from lows to highs.



Ash is a very hard, heavy and dense wood.  

Its density adds to a bright tone with long sustain.

It is a whitish toned wood with a very open grain.

This grain has to be filled for gloss finishes and 

therefore different colored fillers can be used 

to accentuate the grain.





Mahogany is a medium to heavy weight wood

with color variations from light to dark brown.

It is a fine grained wood with great tonal 

characteristics and is one of the most popular 

guitar body woods.  It makes a great combination

with a maple cap.  





Poplar is very similar to Alder in weight 

and grain although it is a bit more acoustic sounding.

Unplugged, an electric guitar made of poplar will have 

a very pronounced acoustic sound. Poplar is slightly 

greenish/yellow in color.






Maple is a very hard, heavy and dense wood.  It is mostly used for necks

or topping other body woods.  Tonally, it is known for its sharp attack.  

Having an almost whitish tint, maple takes transparent colors exceptionally well.



Spalted Maple:   

Quality Spalted Maple is very rare and difficult 

to work with.  Because of this factor, it is used for 

guitar tops only.  It  is one of the most desired woods 

available.  It can add a striking appearance

to any guitar.





Padouk, Wenge and Purple Heart:

These specialty woods are mostly used for laminates in 

bodies and necks but can also be used for bodies. 

These exotic woods have very high tonal 

characteristics and can vary in weight significantly.



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